Are You Looking for Ways To Improve Your Family's Health & Create More Connected Relationships? Not having enough resources (Time and/or Money) keep us in pain. Pain & stress robs us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Let me help you help each other positively impact your family for a lifetime. Also real CONNECTION is hard to maintain in this digital age I love sharing my knowledge to empower others in forging deeper relationships.

Back Massage
Intense Workout

What is the difference between a successful gym and a failed business? Often, it comes down to the added services your fitness center offers to members. One of these added services is massage therapy. Offering massage therapy is one of many ways to distinguish your gym from the gyms of competitors. Massage therapy demonstrates your commitment to member satisfaction helping your members live a healthy, active lifestyle free of injury and retention cementing your relationship with members.

Massage on set is a great way to  boost energy and keep everyone focused and on track.

Massage on set helps everyone relax and recharge. From  A-list to hairdressers, costume designers, medics, makeup, sound, lighting, prop and set workers all work long hours and deserve a massage. It’s amazing how  attitudes changes just knowing they can get a massage.  Producers and directors are usually knotted up due to high stress &  going 24/7.

Camera Crew

HOW DO YOU EXTEND THE OVERALL LIFE OF A SPORTING CAREER?  At some point during an athlete’s career, they’re going to be injured. From pulled muscles to broken bones, any injury can take a player away from the game. A massage therapist is vital to the athletic care team to prevent injuries for example easing the strained throwing arm of a pitcher or improve blood flow in the shoulders of a linebacker. Studies show these kinds of treatments can improve recovery time and get the athlete back to the field faster.