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Are You Looking for Ways To Improve Your Family's Health & Create More Connected Relationships?

Not having enough resources (Time and/or  Money) keep us in pain.  Pain & stress robs us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. 

Real CONNECTION is hard to maintain in this digital age I love sharing my knowledge to empower others in forging deeper relationships. Pain & stress robs us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Let me help you help each other positively impact your family for a lifetime.


Schedule a customized session in the comfort of your home that addresses your family’s specific needs. I will show you how to bring the value of touch and relaxation back into your relationships.


By the end of the session you will be able to ease the stress of your love ones, relieve tight or sore muscles through calming and relaxing touch in the comfort of your own home.


Improve the Following With Muscle Healers:
  • Relationships

  • Intimacy

  • Immunity

  • Digestion

  • Communication

  • Brain Development

  • Posture

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Prevent Sports Injury

Schedule A Customized Session:
  1. Couples’ Massage

  2. Pregnancy Massage

  3. Infant Massage

  4. Child Massage 

  5. Stress Relief Massage

  6. Sports Massage

  7. Geriatric Massage

  8. Massage For Medical Conditions

By Appointment Only
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couples massage


Expectant Couple

pregnancy massage workshop


sports massage workshop

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 massage workshop

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 massage workshop for medical conditions

“Touch is our primary language of compassion, a language that is essential to what it means to be human.” — dasher keltner