Are you training for a race , Iron-man , Triathlon? Or are you a Sports team that wants the competitive edge  while reducing injuries? Are you a Athlete or Parent of an athlete that wants to prolong the athletic career?  Muscle Healers provides  Pre-Event , Inter Event and Post Event athletic care.

Pre-Event massage is usually 10-30 minutes long and generally happens the day of and prior to the event. The focus is on preparation for high-intensity activity not to correct dysfunction or reduce stress. Therapists will use compression, kneading, ROM & active stretching, vibration and tapotement–all performed at an “up-tempo” pace. Remember, the goal is get the athlete AMPED UP. 

Inter-Event massage can happen between events happening on the same day. Similar to pre-event massage, it’s fast-paced and typically no more than 10 minutes. Cramps, Muscle pulls , tapping and treating injury  is also provided so you can get back out there and finish what you trained for .

Post-Event massage happens after the event, usually within 72 hours. It’s focused on recovery, increasing circulation, reducing muscle tension and overall calming the athlete. Therapists use effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), broadening compression, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching. No deep tissue work, muscles need to recover more before that happens. Sessions are usually 30-45 minutes plus assessment & aftercare treatment.

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