Infraspinatus Trigger Points: The Magicians of Shoulder Pain

1 OF 4 ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES PAIN FROM THE 3 INFRASPINATUS TRIGGER POINTS cause deep in the front of the shoulder joint and along the upper arm. The pain may also spill down into the forearm and hand regions in severe cases.

The infraspinatus muscle is found on the back of the shoulder blade and extends laterally to the upper arm bone. This muscle has two important jobs:

1)Lateral Rotation of the Arm: Contraction of this muscle rotates the arm to the outside at the shoulder. The simple act of raising your hand to wave hello to someone is a good example of the infraspinatus muscle at work.

2)Stabilize the Shoulder Joint: As one of the rotator cuff muscles, the infraspinatus contracts to stabilize the shoulder joint and keep the head of the humerus from slipping out of its socket during shoulder movement.

What Causes Infraspinatus Trigger Points?

  • throwing a baseball or football

  • forehand stroke in tennis

  • walking a large dog that pulls on the leash

  • long hours working at a computer keyboard with no elbow support

  • bracing for a fall or slip by reaching behind the body

  • long drives with the hands positioned on the top of the steering wheel

  • beginning a new resistance training (weight lifting) routine will often overload any of the rotator cuff muscles


  • Front of Shoulder Pain

  • Inability to Reach Behind the Back

  • Inability to Raise Arm Up To Head

  • Inability to Push With Arms: V

  • Shoulder Pain at Night

  • Bicepital Tendonitis

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