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The ways in which we connect , trust and collaborate are founded in touch. Lack of physical touch can affect people in more ways than they  might realize. Touch is the fundamental language of connection. It’s not just about how we feel emotionally. Touch deprivation can impact people on a psychological and even on a  physical level. Our brains are devoted to making sense of touch and our skin has billions of cells that process information about it. Positive touch activates a big bundle of nerves in your body that improves your immune system, regulates digestion and helps you sleep well. It also activates parts of your brain that help you empathize & lowers your stress response. Lack of Touch, Pain & Loss of range  motion has a ripple affect into every part of your life.  Learn how to help yourself & your loved ones.

Virtual Workshop
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What will be covered ?
  • Finding the right pressure 
  • Precautions &  Contraindications 
  • Locating specific muscles that are causing discomfort or reduce  range of motion based of intake form.
  • Massage Techniques & Strokes
  • Recorded Demo covering the session.

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couples massage


Expectant Couple

pregnancy massage workshop


sports massage workshop

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 massage workshop

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 massage workshop for medical conditions