Healthy Individuals = Healthy Organization

It’s imperative to have incentives that will keep your employees happy and healthy. Things that will show your employees you appreciate them and are looking out for their well-being. Corporations are setting themselves apart by offering perks that allow their employees time to unwind and recharge. Accentuate a corporate culture of health and wellness. With busy work and home-life schedules many people find themselves last on the list. A chair massage re-awakens a sense of the body.   Reduce Stress Prevent Workers Comp. Claims Increase Productivity!


When People Feel Better, They Work Better! 

​Boost Employee Moral & Show Employees Management Cares About Their Health.


  • ​Complete the quote request form.

  • We create customized plans specific to your organization

  •  Massage is done over the clothes, focusing on key stress and job specific repetitive use areas

  • 2- 6 massages per therapist in 1-hr period 

  • Payment Options: Employer and/or  Employee paid

  • All Therapist are certified and insured.