Muscle Healers is a medical-based massage office  specializing in Youth Athletic Care that Extends Sports Careers by Reducing Injury , Loss of Mobility & Boosting Athletic Performance


—  Tiffany Sandoval, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist



Muscle Healers  specializes in Youth Athletic Care Program that Extends Your Sports Career by Reducing Injury , Loss of Mobility & Boosting Athletic Performance. Tiffany  takes great pride in her ability to help injured clients and athletes reach their full potential. Muscle Healers specialize in Sports Massage Therapy, Injury Rehab/Prevention & Therapeutic Massage.


We are much more than just a massage therapy clinic. Think of us as specialists in muscular or soft-tissue related ailments. Tiffany listens to your needs, assess your symptoms, evaluates the cause(s) of your pain and helps unwind your patterns. I am  clear with our goals and will constantly reassess your progress to make sure you are healing.


I strongly believe in the synergistic approach I suggest stretches, exercises or make training recommendations to empower you to continue healing and make wise decisions while outside of the office. We’re working together and I need you to be an active participant in your care.


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